Teeth Whitening

Our teeth pick up stains throughout our lives, so it’s no surprise that they change in colour as we get older. Tooth whitening lifts off the stains and reveals the bright, white smile underneath. The end result is a dramatically youthful and dazzling smile that you can be proud of.

At Slateford Dental Care, you can opt for either in-surgery or at home whitening, or a combination thereof. Our whitening treatment uses custom-made mouth trays so you can achieve a whiter smile your way. The treatment takes a couple weeks, but results are visible after a few days as the treatment gets to work.

How does it work?

The whitening gel contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which creates a safe chemical reaction where oxygen molecules are released and break down the stain particles on the teeth surfaces. The reaction also goes deeper and breaks down stains under the enamel, providing a much more complete whitening than shop-bought whitening products.

What does the treatment involve?

If you choose to whiten at home, in order to make your custom mouth trays, we need to take accurate impressions of your mouth so they have the best fit. These are sent to the manufacturer where they are crafted from clear plastic. Once we receive them back, we’ll see you again to pick them up and your supply of whitening gel.

We’ll talk you through how to apply the gel and how to get the most of your treatment. After two weeks, we’ll see you again and make sure you are completely happy with your white and bright smile.

If you opt to have your teeth whitened in-surgery with us, it will take only one appointment followed by at home top ups with custom trays.

We recommend seeing a hygienist first before having your treatment as a hygienist’s scale and polish will remove surface stains on your teeth.

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