Family Dentistry

Our goal is to look after the oral health of the whole family, making sure smiles of all ages get the care and attention they deserve throughout life. Our dentists and hygienists work together with you to make sure your family’s oral health is always looked after.

The best way that we can protect young teeth from developing issues later in life is through a regular oral care routine. We can check for issues during examinations, but much of the hard work happens at home with daily brushing and interdental cleaning.

Looking after children’s dental health

Young teeth need plenty of care and attention. We recommend that children see a dentist from as early as three months to get used to the sights and sounds of a dental practice. We also get a chance to see how the first teeth are coming along and provide helpful guidance on how you can best maintain great oral care at home.

To give growing adult teeth the best chance at a long, healthy life, we offer fissure sealants that act as a protective barrier over bite surfaces. They prevent food debris getting stuck in gaps and so reduces the risk of dental decay.

Examinations with the whole family

We understand that coming to the dentist can be daunting for young people. That’s why we encourage family appointments. Making it a positive family experience and allaying any fears will help children to overcome any nerves. Combining your check-ups with your children will not only help your oral health, but share in our advice on how to keep up the good work at home.

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