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Direct Access Appointments
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Hygienist Services

On May 2013 the General Dental Council (GDC) changed the rules on how patients can see a dental hygienist.  This change of rule has now opened DIRECT ACCESS APPOINTMENTS for patients to see a dental hygienist WITHOUT the need to see or be registered with a dentist first.  

The initial appointment is 40 minutes where our hygienist will do an assessment of gum condition and teeth, provide prevention advice for management of gum condition and removal of calculus and stain removal. Further appointments may be required and a full explanation and estimate would always be provided.  Visits after this are on a 3 or 6 month interval, either 20 minute or 40 minute appointment.

If your treatment required local anaesthetic, hygienists currently require a prescription from a dentist, which one of our dentists will be happy to provide.  

Our hygienists  are trained within their scope of practice. If they advise you to see a dentist; it is because they feel that it would be in your best interest for your oral and dental health, as certain dental procedures are carried out by the dentist.  If you are happy to see one of our dentists at the practice we can arrange that for you.

We would like to remind patients that using this service does NOT substitute for a dental examination appointment.