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Available Treatments

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Full Examination

We carry out a full check of teeth and gums in order to assess if any treatment or advice is needed. We also examine the head, neck and soft tissues to check for signs of oral cancer. With the aid of an intra-oral camera, we are able to let you see inside your mouth, and this can help us explain any treatment required. We also use low dose xrays to check the areas we are unable to see. Advice will be provided as required in order to keep your mouth healthy, and prevent disease in the future.

We normally recommend 6 monthly recall appointments to keep your mouth healthier for life.


We offer NHS treatment for children with at least one parent registered with us. We have an emphasis on disease prevention following Childsmile with diet and oral hygiene advice, flouride varnish placement from the age of 2 years at each check up appointment, and fissure sealants to protect the permanent molar teeth from the age of 6 years.

We advise that children are registered whenever they develop their first teeth, and aim to provide a friendly environment to ensure they enjoy their dental appointments. We aim to be sympathetic and understanding to any children who are fearful.


We have several hygienists available to help keep your gums as healthy as possible with oral hygiene advice, routine scale and polishing, and more advanced treatment for patients with gum disease (periodontitis).

Root Canal

This may be required if the nerve of the tooth has died which can happen if there is deep decay, or if there has been a traumatic injury to the tooth. We use a high quality rotary file system.


For very heavily restored teeth, a crown is sometimes required. This is cemented over the tooth, helping to keep it stronger and is made in a laboratory from an impression of the tooth. Crowns can be made from either porcelain or porcelain bonded to metal. We always use high quality materials and well respected laboratories which use the latest high-tech techniques.


We offer In-line Orthodontics, which can cosmetically align the front teeth, correcting over-crowding, rotated teeth and spacing, using comfortable, removable clear trays. The treatment time is usually 6-10 months.

The In‐Line Removable Splint System is an orthodontic treatment which involves wearing a series of removable splints which tip and rotate the front and premolar teeth to improve cosmetic appearance. Many patients also find In‐Line treatment very beneficial for general dental health as improved teeth alignment normally leads to improved dental hygiene. The splints are made of a clear plastic material which is very comfortable to wear, has minimal effect on speech and is unnoticed by others. They do not require any attachments on the teeth to work, unlike other systems. The German technology used to make In‐Line Splints allows them to work faster and require fewer visits for treatment compared to other clear brace systems.

For children’s orthodontics, and fixed orthodontic appliances, we can refer to one of the nearby orthodontic practices.

Tooth Fillings

For decayed or broken teeth we have a range of options available from amalgam and tooth coloured composite materials for directly placed restorations, or composite/porcelain inlays.


A thin facing of either porcelain or composite is bonded to the front surface of the tooth to improve the appearance.

Tooth Replacement

To replace a missing tooth or teeth there are several options available:

      Removable denture

This can be made from acrylic or cobalt chromium and acrylic, and is removed for cleaning and at night.


This is where the artificial tooth is attached to one or both of the teeth either side of the space, normally using crowns. Bridges can be made in porcelain or porcelain bonded to metal.


A titanium rod can be placed into the jaw bone, mimicking the root of the tooth. A crown or bridge can be attached to this to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become the most popular dental cosmetic treatment, and we can give you a lighter brighter smile in just a few weeks. We have the option of Philips Zoom Power Whitening, or Enlighten Tooth Whitening for safe and effective whitening. Free whitening consultations are offered to make sure your mouth is healthy and assess suitability for whitening. It is currently illegal for anyone other than a dentist or dental hygienist/therapist to carry out teeth whitening, and your dentist is the only place you can legally be prescribed safe and effective teeth whitening gel.